The Dual Life (MMORPG Part 1)

I have a not so secret hobby–MMOs.

It began about 10 years ago when my brother introduced me to the beta version of this Korean online game Ragnarok Online. I always thought it was fun that my brother gets to play first person shooters with his friends online. I didn’t have many RL friends that actually likes video games, and all my friends online at that time are from the art community. So I picked up the game, and started my adventure by myself.

It’s been quite a journey. Even when I stop playing for a couple of years, there’s always something else that has came out of my gaming days. Art, code, even a relationship, no, not a fake one. Continue reading

Blog Setup

Some of my domain names are going out and getting more traffic, and it’s not hard to find my personal blog by doing a bit of research online. So I am putting away my more personal posts so that they are hidden for now while I figure out how to separate the private posts for the people I know.

The Other Side of the World [Japan Trip]

Up until recently, I never thought going to Japan would be possible for me, at least not this soon. I’m never one to save up money for vacations, nor have I ever gone traveling in a country where I don’t speak the language. On top of all that, never have I thought I’d go to Japan, not until I learn a bit more of the language. I often get mistaken as a Japanese person back home as it is, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to go to Japan.
But here I am, on vacation in Japan. The conditions are actually less than perfect. It wasn’t something I initiated, and it actually pretty stressful, despite getting help with the hotel and air fare. I just don’t like the idea of going on vacation when I can’t afford it. It happened anyway, and with much planning and research, I was able to come out with itineraries with a small budget (whether I follow it or not is another story). Continue reading

Blogs to Get You Motivated

Here are some blogs that I follow related to personal development, productivity, or even living a non-standard life. I admire those who strive for something different, breaking free of the system that most of us are brought up to follow. At the same time, I can see the merit in many who live organized and productive lives. At the end of the day, I believe we should do our best and live life at its fullest, doing as much as we can.

I’ve yet to find my way there, but often I would read posts that I wholeheartedly agree on, or entries with ideals that I’ve been following myself for years. I hope others can find inspiration in these blogs as I did. Continue reading

Fashion Stuff

I am an absolute newb when it comes to fashion. I usually don’t attempt to dress up, and even when I do, it looks pretty half-assed. I do know it when I see things I like though, and I will wear something till it falls apart. Which they usually do, especially if it’s purchased from H&M. Clothes there lasts for like two months. Then again, laundry isn’t exactly my strongest skill.

I have this reference folder on my computer. Here are a couple of images I found online with pieces of an outfit that I like or found interesting in general.

© Vogue

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While doing some inspirational research on fashion–ok, well, fashion sounds like I actually know something about fashion…more like things to wear, I came across some photographs that I find to be stunning. It’s one of those things that inspires me to pick up a pencil and draw again.

© Viona-art

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